Kyudo Klub Itachi

Truth, goodness and beauty always strongly pierce the center.


Saturdays 10:30-12:30
Sports center Siget
Radmanovačka 39


New atendees can have a grace period without membership or fees for the first month.

Monthly club membership fee is 150kn.

Members with their own equipment, as well as unemployed members pay a reduced membership fee of 100kn.

Yearly membership fee for Croatian Kyudo Federation is 120kn.


Kyūdō (弓道 Jap. "Way of the Bow") is a martial art of traditional japanese archery.

At it's core, Kyudo is very simplistic. Observing a master as they fire two arrows, one can see the entirety of Kyudo in just two minutes. However, it might take years to overcome even the basic level.

This is a skill made of details, where the position and action of every single smallest part is defined and codified. But, instead of confronting us with this overwhelming complexity, a torrent of details and information, each of which is of the highest priority; Kyudo teaches us to accept our own personal imperfection and overcome ourselves.

Like life itself, it places us in a situation where personal growth is the only solution. However, where life is chaotic and uncontrollable; Kyudo is orderly, well defined and organised. Where life demands that everything be done now, Kyudo sets no deadlines. Instead, Kyudo teaches us to stop focusing on goals: hitting the target must not be cause for shooting, but rather it's consequence.

Kyudo covers the entirety of existence: material through the approach to equipment, physical through the technique and body control and ultimately, spiritual through the discipline of the mind required to achieve continuity and unify the many components of shooting. Like a magnifying glass it enhances any shortage or defect and presents them after the shot in form of a signature, visible in the position of the body, and the bow, and the arrow, so they could be recognized and overcome.

Despite being so clearly defined, Kyudo acknowledges and accepts that errors are unavoidable and necessary for growth. And, while a poor teacher would demand perfection and deny possibility of error, Kyudo recognizes mistakes and mishaps, envelops them and makes them a part of itself, while offering a clear course of action to resolve them.


The club was founded in Zagreb in 2013 with the goal of practicing and promoting Kyudo and Japanese culture in Croatia.

With a relatively small headcount, the club maintains a close and friendly atmosphere and encourages individuality and initiative. Over the years this has resulted in a full set of gear, mostly self-made or donated by members.

The club practices two separate shooting styles Heki Insai Ha and ANKF Shomen, and most of the members are ranked members of ANKF (1st and 2nd dan). The Club Kamiza carries the inscription "真善美は永久に中心を貫く" (Truth, goodness, and beauty always strongly pierce the center) combining the slogans of the styles practiced by the club. 真善美" (Shin Zen Bi: Truth, goodness, beauty), ANKF slogan describes the qualities that comprise good shooting, while "貫中久" (Kan Chu Kyu: Always Pierce Center Strongly) the Heki slogan describes the result of such shooting.

A typical training session starts by preparing the hall, doing a short meditation and bowing. Besides shooting itself, practice includes ceremonies, as well as correct attitude (both mentally and physically).

Most training sessions end by socializing over tea or coffee.